Compliance Professionals
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What we do...


  1. We create a custom tailored compliance plan for your company.
            Policies and procedures…
                                 Environmental sampling…
                                                         Certified training…
  2. We then train a select few of your employees to perform what inspections are necessary BASED UPON THE WAY IN WHICH YOU DO BUSINESS. We trim the myriad regulations and condense them down to the absolute minimum number of inspections to keep you compliant.
  3. We send E-mails to your firm reminding you on which days what inspections are required. They contain complete step by step instructions down to where to file the completed forms.
  4. We randomly visit your firm to conduct a surprise inspection… exactly as an OSHA inspector would do.
  5. On a planned periodic basis we come to your firm to review the various programs and manuals to ensure they are current and accurately reflect the way in which your business has changed since the last review.
  6. We conduct periodic and/or annual training to meet all regulatory requirements.
  7. We are on call 24/7 to respond to any emergency or situation that might occur that you believe our presence or services would be beneficial to you – at no extra charge – EVER.
Business Meeting : get OSHA compliant!

OSHA came to my business for a surprise inspection. We called Compliance Professionals. They negotiated on our behalf with OSHA for some time and then installed a complete compliance program for us. Problem solved.

I can’t tell you what peace of mind they brought to us. I’ve been able to concentrate on my business without worrying about being fined. My employees like the program, and the cost to us is very nominal.

Tim Olah, President
Kansas City Structural Steel

Let us take care of the hard part…
Simply call 816 313 OSHA for a no cost evaluation and quote

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