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This is what you may expect from us on an ongoing basis
AFTER we spend several months developing custom policy and procedure manuals for YOUR company:

  1. Meeting : stay OSHA compliant! DAILY monitor changes proposed by various associations (ANSI, FPA, etc.), OSHA, The Department of Labor, and Congress through the Federal Register. Data are mined DAILY for keywords and SIC codes.
  2. WEEKLY review any new or proposed changes in detail to evaluate how it impacts your business.
  3. WEEKLY make any necessary changes to your onsite program – policy, procedures, training, and documentation.
  4. PERIODICALLY and RANDOMLY drop by your facility unannounced for a partial or full compliance audit EXACTLY AS AN OSHA COMPLIANCE OFFICER WOULD DO.
  5. On a DAILY and/or WEEKLY and/or MONTHLY and/or QUARTERLY basis E-mail the designated OSHA Coordinator at your company a punch list of simple inspection tasks. This usually takes less than ten (10) man-minutes for them to do. We will audit for compliance during our random inspections.
  6. Provide mandatory ANNUAL training by certified instructors to maintain compliance with Federal standards.
  7. Remain on call 24/7 to you and your company should any event transpire that you need our direct involvement.

We are CONSTANTLY working behind the scenes to ensure your compliance program is dynamic, fluid, and most of all… absolutely current.

We had thought about putting the Compliance Professional program in place but had not yet done so. There are just so many hours in the day.

Several months later a disgruntled employee called OSHA. When the OSHA inspectors arrived I called Compliance Professionals, who arrived within thirty minutes. We were not yet a client but Compliance Professionals immediately intervened and acted as our agent. The fines that Compliance Professionals saved us were in the five figure range. The entire evolution was handled by CP in a manner that resulted in my personal involvement time being no more than a fifteen minute brief regarding the conclusions.

Today we have a very effective OSHA compliance program managed by Compliance Professionals. To this day we have not had a lost time injury since we began our compliance program. They have become an incredibly efficient and valuable member of our team. I simply don’t worry since delegating this time consuming responsibility.

Chris Steinhoff
Coronet Windows, Inc.

Getting into OSHA compliance is one thing…
Staying there is altogether a whole different ballgame. Call us at 816 313 OSHA

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