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Some hidden benefits of the Compliance Professionals program.

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  1. Lowered accident rates within your business;
  2. Less lost time means product is delivered on time;
  3. Fewer exception management situations for you;
  4. Better morale within your workforce;
  5. Lower insurance premiums for worker compensation;
  6. Lower property and casualty insurance rates;
  7. Lower long term borrowing rates due to lowered risks to lenders;
  8. Competitive advantage over your competition with your customers
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As with many businesses, we are always striving to provide a safe and productive workplace for our employees. The skilled staff at Compliance Professionals audited our company and then wrote an extensive suite of custom policy and procedure manuals solely for us. Those easy-to-understand manuals provided the roadmap necessary for us to be able to implement and document a vibrant, ongoing comprehensive safety program. They continue to closely monitor our success and help us adjust our program as we expand our company.

We are proud to now be an OSHA compliant organization and recognize the instrumental role Compliance Professionals has had, and continues to have, in this endeavor. In addition, although a price cannot be placed on safety, the expense to utilize their program is very, very reasonable. To any company wishing to provide a quality safety and OSHA compliant program to their employees and customers, I would highly recommend Compliance Professionals.

Kris I. Johnson
President, Pitman Utility Products, Inc.

We are not necessarily an expense to your company…
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